Nail Services


Our nail care services feature OPI and CND products to ensure the highest quality.
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Gel polish is a more durable alternative to a classic manicure. A special ultraviolet light cures the coating for extra lasting power up to two weeks! Includes a classic manicure with polish, application and removal35
Dip Powder Acrylic
Dip powder acrylic is the next level of durability after gel polish. This technique will leave your nails stronger than Gel Polish, lasting for several weeks! Includes a classic manicure, application and removal45
Relax in our whirlpool spa pedicure chair, and let the backrest gently massage you while your feet soak in a warm water bath of soothing jets. Treatments include massage and moisturinzing of the lower legs and feet, followed by a classic pedicure. Luxury treatments extend the papering with a moisturizing mask on the lower leg.
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