Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage

(1/2 hour)30
(1 hour)60
(11/2 hours)90
Unwind with a traditional massage of repeating, flowing, movements, combined with targeted pressure to therapeutically relieve tension. Deep tissue massage, is very firm pressure, to break up knots and scar tissue. Your massage therapist will tailor the treatment based on your needs.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage(1 hour)60
A Gentle Massage that helps rid the body of excess fluid and toxins. These fluids and toxins can build up over time.
Prenatal (1 hour) 60
Relieve back and leg pain and reduce stress and Exide he would’ve therapeutic massage designed especially for expectant mothers.
AromatherapyAdd 5-10
Your massage therapist can add a selection of oils to help you relax, energize, reduce stress, or feel balance.